Most reporters who reveal a preference say they are Democrats

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To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Bernadette Loasch tells us our main stream media leans right due to cooperate ownership. Well the media itself disagrees with her. Top journalists from the N.Y. Times, Peter Baker and Mark Liebovich, and CNN, Jake Tapper, were reported by to have admitted on a panel that indeed the media leans left. A study at UCLA led by Tim Groseclose and Jeff Mylio reviewed the past 10 years of the major media reporting and concluded the left-leaning bias is real. ABC news even admits to left leaning. Add to that the fact that most reporters who reveal a political preference say they are Democrats.

The reason Bernadette thinks the way she does I suspect is because she gets all her information from MSNBC, media maters and other extreme left wing groups.
Just not a very balanced source.
Steve Earle