Linda Riley (4/24) 240 BENGHAZI

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To The Daily Sun,

Remember Benghazi? I am asking because I have not heard anything new lately in the news, yet a report just came out saying it could have been prevented.

Prevented how? The Citizens Commission on Benghazi is a group of people who think Benghazi should have been investigated. They are concerned citizens, in which some have held high positions in the CIA and military.

Their report stated that the U.S., which had a blockade around Libya, allowed a shipment of arms into Libya. The arms were supposed to be delivered to Gaddafi but instead went to the rebels. The U.S. was supporting the rebels.

In the report, it stated that Gaddafi volunteered to step down, but the U.S. declined. Gaddafi was a brutal dictator, but he did all that he could to suppress Islamic extremists, which also happens to be in the interest of the U.S.

One member of the group thought that Benghazi was supposed to be a kidnapping. Instead, our ambassador and three other citizens were murdered. Murdered by these weapons?

Where are these weapons now? With Syrian rebels, which are predominately extremists?

Who cares about Benghazi? I do. For a time, other countries feared us, and our citizens were safe overseas, or the wrath of the U.S. government would be on them. Now we want to be friends ... and our citizens are not safe.

Who cares about Benghazi? I do. Do you?

Linda Riley