I found gold wedding band in parking lot at the Belknap Mall

  • Published in Letters

To The Daily Sun,

On April 17, I was at the Belknap Mall in Belmont about to do some shopping. Lying on the ground in the parking space directly beside me, I found a 10kt gold wedding band. I had no way to tell how long it had been there, but it appeared to be undamaged.

It is very distinctly textured with a wave-like design and has a name, date, etc., written on the inside. I would love to be able to give it back to its proper owner. If the person can tell me correctly what is written on the inside of the band, I will be more than happy to return it to them. I am sure they are devastated to have lost it.

My phone number is 603-630-5745.

Becca Bacon