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Dems pour money into projects designed to keep blacks poor

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To The Daily Sun,

Another thing about Bernadette Loesch's letter of a couple weeks ago titled, "Where's the evidence of Republicans concern over folks at bottom" I'll give Bernedette a two-part answer.

First, Republicans are concerned about all Americans by trying to keep the huge and growing national government from intruding more and more into everyday people's lives. Also, they are trying to keep taxes lower, hold down red tape and waste, and desire a smaller, more efficient national government which would help create jobs and opportunities for people at every level.

Republicans want to control our borders to prevent millions of foreign workers coming in taking jobs from young Americans starting out, or retired Americans looking to earn a little more money to get by on.

Bernedette also needs to remember it was Republicans who advocated, worked for and passed the civil rights laws. (Anyone in doubt of this needs only to check Wikipedia and key segregationists in the 1960s. They give a list of 80 prominent people. Only eight were Republicans.)

Also, having missed her history classes in school, let's remind folks it was Republicans way back in the 1850s who were the abolitionists, who fought the Civil War to free the slaves in the 1860s. It was Democrats who fought to keep slaves, founded the KKK, created segregation and were responsible for more then 100 years of injustice, intolerance and persecution.

Second, more recently Democrats say they are working to help the "folks at the bottom." But where is the evidence of that, Bernedette? Black communities are worse off then ever. Unemployment is twice that of whites — among young black men nearly three times as high. School dropouts among these communities also is three times that of whites in spite of Democrats pouring money into our failing education system for the benefit of teachers' unions not students. Drugs and crime are the common denominator of the poverty created by liberal policies. Out-of-wedlock birth rated among black women is around 70 percent, almost guaranteeing lifelong poverty.

What do Democrats do about this besides pour money into programs designed to keep blacks poor and dependent on the government generation after generation after generation and incidentally voting Democratic?

So please, spare us your self-righteous, holier-than-thou left-wing baloney.

Steve Earle