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Obama is trying to find another wedge to drive through society

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To The Daily Sun,

You can tell it's an election year. Non-crises have become top priorities for the White House.

Real median household income is still lower than it was in 2007, the smallest share of Americans are working since 1978, our debt sits in record territory, and we have over 4 million, long-term unemployed — over 26 weeks. Laughably, these issues are unimportant to Democrats. All they want to talk about is racism and gender economics. Political misdirection rules the day. An example of misdirection is focusing on the size of a man's wallet as he is about to be eaten alive by a 500 pound grizzly bear.

Crimea has already fallen to the cold Russian sword, the Ukraine is next. While this happens, Obama consumes the nation with gender pay gap. Yet again he misrepresents the truth, the same way you could keep your doctor and insurance if we liked them. Obama claims women earn 77 cents for every $1 a man does. Almost all this difference is explained through common sense after adjusting for hours worked (men work longer), occupational differences, decisions about marriage/children, education and risk, equal work means equal pay.

Obama is trying once again to find another wedge to drive through American society. Most people have enough brains to recognize the bait-and-switch tactic. Didn't we pass the Lilly Ledbetter Act five years ago to assure wage fairness? Is Obama saying this is another one of his polices that failed, too? Is that the point of the gender wage inequality focus? Back then the claim was women made 78 cents to the man's $1. Is Obama now saying women have lost another penny since Lilly was passed?

Erich Holder rants all his critics are racists. He sees Jim Crow everywhere. He claims the right to vote faces ugly and divisive adversity. Thirty-four states now require voters show some form of government issued photo ID. States claim such rules uphold the integrity of the vote while the AG, Obama and Democrats scream racism.

If states are trying to suppress minority voting they are sure doing lousy job. In the past 16 years the black voting rate has increased 13 percent. In fact the voting rate of blacks over non-Hispanic whites is 2 percent larger. Still, every criticism of Obama is from white supremacists trying to suppress voting. You can read the same unfounded racial insanity slurs from several hate-spewing, goofballs that contribute to these pages.

No group embraced Obama more than the young age 18 to 33. No group has fallen from Obama's ranks faster. Why? Because no age group has suffered more under him. The young are the least wealthy age demographic in America. That did not stop Obama from saddling them with paying for the old and sick under Obamacare. Unbelievably, the young are being forced to subsidize the much older and wealthier older folks. The current "young" are the first generation to be poorer and more jobless than their parents at the same stage of life since World War II.

In 2012 Mitt Romney actually won more of the votes among voters who turned 18 during Obama's first term than the president did. The youngsters figured out quickly they had been "had" by Obama.

All the while, college loan debt has swelled to the highest in history at $1.2 trillion now causing record student loan defaults on this age group.

It is more than notable the only way Democrats think they can win is by dividing the electorate into blocks while inflaming racial and other tensions. Governing so far left has polarized the electorate. The party of status quo, big government is now deepening the national divide further because it believes it is the only way they have any hope for saving the Senate from falling.

Sadly, the liberal strategy of cultivating hate and resentment will only increase toward November. Buy some cotton, note the continued misdirection, and be entertained by the peanut gallery of room-temperature IQs that fall for it all.

Tony Boutin