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Nearly 1 million veterans live in households that use food stamps

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To The Daily Sun,

This letter will be the completion of my first letter published in The Daily Sun on April 15.

The articles I mention are of my choice out of many. In my opinion these are must-read articles by every veteran and all who are interested in the rest of the story.

This is a look at the human costs of two wars in 12 years. Google "total casualties Iraq Afghanistan wars." Read the article titled "U.S. casualties Afghanistan and post 9/11 conflicts." During Iraq war 4,475 service members were killed, and 32,220 were wounded. In Afghanistan 2,165 have been killed, 18,230 wounded through Feb. 5, 2013.

Next, Google "millions went to war in Iraq Afghanistan." Read the article headlined "Washington: millions went to war Iraq, Afghanistan." In brief, VA disability awards to veterans who suffer physical or mental injuries range from $129 to, $2,816 a month. Please read this article.

Next, Google "Iraq Afghan wars top 4 trillion dollars." Read this study of the Iraq and Afghan wars. In brief, at end of this article The Associated Press found that checks were still being sent to relatives of Civil War veterans 150 years ago.

These articles will assist anyone interested in continued increased deficits.

The last topic will be food stamps. This is a topic everyone should know about. But few if any talk about. Please Google "military families on food stamps." Read a letter to Dick Cheney about military and food stamps. There is also a must-watch video featuring three of the right-wing party experts. In brief, military families spend $100 million on SNAP benefits at site at military bases every year. In any given month, about 900,000 veterans live in households that use food stamps or SNAP benefits. I hope that those that will nitpick my last two letters to editor will do so pointing out sites that differ with ones I mentioned.

And finally, I have breaking news. I was sitting in my chair watching Fox News when Neil Cavoto came on at 4 p.m. His first Fox News contributor was, yup, Art Laffer of the Laffer curve. To those who watched it, the first words out of his mouth were, "W. made a big mistake when he didn't maintain Clinton era tax rates." I screamed with joy. Soon after that Cavoto went to commercial break.

Henry Osmer