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Northern Pass power would just be passed on to other NE states

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To The Daily Sun,

I was just listening to the radio interview with a spokesperson for Northern Pass. The electricity will go into the New England grid. New Hampshire will not have first dibs to the electricity. I think this is a huge mistake. A contract without this stipulation is not in the interest of New Hampshire.

We must be concerned about our northern area. The rep stated, how many people come up north to go three-wheeling and go home because they see power lines. That is not the question. If I paid money for the motel room and was already there, I would not go home. The real question is, will they come back? Will they travel to a place without power lines next time? Ask yourself that question.

Tourism is a huge industry in the North Country, and many people depend on that for their livelihood.

Our state is not doing anything to lower taxes and regulations to bring in new business, so we must be careful not to lose the jobs we already have.

Linda Riley