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If you can't admit to reality it's going to be hard to be taken seriously

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To The Daily Sun,

So, let's see. If you don't have a job. you are just lazy and looking for a handout. If you are a woman on birth control, you can't control your libido, but never a word about erectile dysfunction drugs handed out to men like candy. If you are a government employee, you are an incompetent boob and don't actually do anything. Let's ignore the irony dripping off of that one and talk about the Postal Service ... must be gotten rid of, must be "privatized." If you are a woman, they don't want you to have basic health care coverage. But if you are raped and become pregnant, you better be up to date on your rape insurance.

The health care bill called the ACA (Obamacare) is unworkable, a train-wreck, bound to fail. On that one I would have to give them some leeway because it is, after all, a right-wing plan, and if not fixed is like most of the "work" Republican politicians do; unworkable, a train-wreck, and of course bound to fail. It is a Heritage Foundation plan — last time I checked a right wing "think-tank." You Republicans can bury your heads in the sand and deny science, deny that the worst possible plan that could have been implemented is actually a right-wing train-wreck, but it can work if we get it fixed.

The Republicans have found the "enemy," and it's not their apparent new love interest "Vlad the not in touch with reality invader," it is us. You must remember that Republicans have looked into Putin's eyes and found a soul mate. They also agree that invading a country for fun and profit is just peachy. It is you folks who lost your jobs due to the mismanagement of our country during the last administration, it's you. You are lazy. You have no culture of work. You only want a handout. You want a free lunch. It is certainly their right to call the unemployed the enemy, you can't give them what they want, money.

This is also just more right-wing nonsense. That idea ignores the fact that when there are job openings advertised anywhere there are thousands of people who show up to apply, sometimes multiple thousands for two or three openings. Having watched the actual laziness of the right-wingers for years, it's obvious that they are once again blaming anyone other than themselves for their less-than-intelligent ideas. Laziness such as saying that liberals are communists, Nazis, and my personal favorite, we are all "hippies" of all things. Really, is that the best you can do, hippies? I don't expect anything like reality based comments from the right, but this is true laziness at its worst.

And if those on the right can show me how we liberals can be both Nazis and communists I'd like to hear it. Remember to admit to reality if you want to be taken seriously, it's going to be tough, but I have faith in you.

The right-wingers like to say they are more "patriotic" than the left. There is one entity that hires more U.S. military veterans than any other, the United States Postal Service. Guess which entity the Republicans want to do away with. They don't like the Post Office mainly because of the postal employees union. Why would they not like the union, you might ask? It means that the workers get a living wage, not convenient for Republicans who want you to work for what they think you are worth, which, if they base it on what they are worth, wouldn't be much at all. We readers of this wonderful paper have seen first hand what right-wingers think normal everyday people are worth, I can't recall the exact amount but it was, I think, pennies a day.

Now the gentleman who made this Republican idea public claims that that party doesn't like him, and I can see why, he is honest about his political thoughts. Honesty is not allowed when talking about Republican plans for the country. One thing that I'm sure made Republicans mad was his truth telling about forced abortions, although he was kind of vague about just who it was that would be the beneficiaries of this wonderful right-wing plan. Darn political correctness. And of course most recently the Republicans have denied basic health care for veterans because it isn't paid for. Amazing. They had no problem going into wars that were not paid for. In fact you could say they were eager to go into unpaid for wars. George W. managed to get us into two wars and to tank the economy so bad we had to take extreme measures to get back on track. Truly amazing.

My feelings on the ACA are mixed, because it is not the best way to do health care, being a right-wing plan after all. But it is something, which I believe is better than nothing, being done about the dysfunctional health care system in this country. Maybe one day we can do it right by adopting the single-payer system that works so well for every other developed nation.

Now I know phony scandals are all the rage on the right theses days, but how about a real scandal. How about a scandal that resulted in thousands of American casualties and injuries, not to mention more thousands of lives ended or changed forever by injuries. The lies that led to the Iraq war are the scandal that we should be focusing on. But that would take a dose of reality the right just can't stomach.

Having read this paper for over five years now, and having seen Republican politicians in operation for more than that, I understand why they oppose mental health background checks for gun purchases. But the argument that that type of check wouldn't have stopped the shootings at Sandy Hook is just more lazy Republican thinking. Now even if the shooters mother was a Republican, I would at least give her the benefit of the doubt. She might have figured out that if she was having a mental health background check being done, it may not be wise to put that kind of fire power in the hands of her mentally-challenged son. We can certainly hope anyway.

I just read Don Ewings interesting letter about how bad President Obama is and how wonderful Vlad "the not in touch with reality invader" is. I won't dispute any of the information you use except that you say, "American progressives have long praised the Soviet Union and communism anywhere it exists". Really? I know you have the names and statements of the "progressives" (said with the same snide slant as the words "liberal" or "intelligent") so I will only ask that you come up with five, as some proof that you have any, current progressives that have praised the defunct Soviet Union or for that matter communism. I won't hold my breath waiting for your answer. Oh, the irony.

Just one more thing, it's about the weather. It is interesting that when you watch the weather you hear the words "severe" and "extreme" even more often every day. We are also hearing about more record-breaking weather events. I wonder why that is?

Okay, I lied, one more thing. In Nevada a man claims he doesn't believe in the United States of America. Republicans everywhere call him "Hero." Mental health back-ground checks indeed.

Marty Valengavich