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This should be an outrage but all liberals want is to win elections

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To The Daily Sun,

Last week's big story which the left-leaning (lame-stream media) ignored was about CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations) throwing a fit and its weight around over a small-time movie release focusing on the practice of abuse of women in the Islamic world. Now, CAIR doesn't dispute the truth of the movie's facts. It even acknowledges them. What it hates is the people behind it, "white Jewish women" they say.

I can't confirm or deny who produced it. But the group's leader and spokeswoman is a black lady.

Now before someone gets all defensive about it and starts the Islamaphobe defense, let's remember who CAIR is. CAIR is a front group created by the Muslim Brotherhood. The same Brotherhood that created Hamas and al-Qaida, and every other, terrorist organization responsible for thousands of acts of murder and terrorism. So I must ask, why was this story suppressed by most media?

I have a theory, it goes like this:

Liberals control much, if not most of the media. Liberals want liberal politicians elected. So even if a huge voting block subjugates, abuses, tortures, murders women, gays, blacks and commits terrible acts of violence and terrorism around the world, it's overlooked because they "vote the right way, for Democratic liberal progressive candidates." No other reason, none at all.

These atrocities fly into the face of the Democratic Party's stated morals and its platform. They fly into the face of every decent honest, honorable human being on the planet regardless of who or where. It even flies in the face of honorable, honest Muslims. It's the radical, terrorist-supporting fanatics who have the ear of the media and political support of politicians who are more interested in being re-elected than doing the right thing.

I do not care what party or how you vote. This should be an outrage to all good people that this issue is being swept under the carpet by CAIR and its political allies.

Steve Earle