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What about George Soros? We've double standard working here

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To The Daily Sun,

Last week's letters to the editor were remarkable but not necessarily very accurate.

For instance, Bernadette Loesch and I had a meeting or the minds. I have no idea of what she's talking about and neither does she, apparently. She claims Republicans have cut back and eliminated Democratic programs but gives no examples to explain this extraordinary assertion. Six years ago Obama railed against our then $9 trillion national debt, saying among other things that it was unpatriotic. Now that debt is $17.232 trillion, so I must say Republicans must have done a pretty bad job of cutting back and eliminating since the debt has been nearly doubled by Democrats in six years. Making up stories and issues, really Bernadette!

I really wish Republicans had been able to roll back and eliminate selected government programs. A couple that come to mind are the Department of Energy and of course Obamacare.

The first, created in the 1970s and charged with reducing the growing dependence on imported oil has been a complete failure. It has become a dumping ground for rewarding political activists with government jobs by both parties. If it fell into a black hole tomorrow I doubt anyone would even notice. As for Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, that is not affordable by most Americans, has been changed by executive order 27 times and exempted most of the president's supporters who would not get it for free and incidentally was passed by lies, deceit, misrepresentations by Democrats behind closed doors at midnight.

Another letter I'd take issue with was from Nick Vazzana, who went off like a cannon on the Koch brothers because they are rich and support Republicans. No rich people should support anyone Nick doesn't support is the message I get from Nick. Never mind that the Koch brothers are honest hard-working successful Americans who have every right to free speech and association.

I doubt Nick has any second thoughts about George Soros setting up and supporting the left. Never mind that Soros is a convicted fellon and fugitive from justice. So what the heck he supports what Nick supports so everything is good there. No double standards for Nick, right?

Steve Earle