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Affordable ACA policy gives us peace of mind; we can't lose everything

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To The Daily Sun,

As soon as the ACA went into effect, I was working on my application for a policy. Granted, it had its teeth-gnashing moments, but my spouse and I were delighted to enroll with a reasonable monthly rate on Jan. 1 of this year. We had not had health-care coverage for years because it was truly unaffordable, even for a catastrophic policy.

Now we're insured, Now we've had our first check-ups in a decade. Now we can buy pharmaceuticals at a reduced rate. Now we have the peace of mind of knowing we would not lose everything should disaster strike.

In time, the cost of health care should go down nationwide. With more people insured, the hospitals will be less burdened. Fewer people will go bankrupt when they have an illness. More people will have access to preventive care. The insurance companies will be better regulated — in favor of the policyholder.

And it seems that the GOP is beginning to come around. Recently in Washington they supported a bill (HR-4302) — a small fix to ACA rulings — to make it easier for small businesses to enroll their employees in the ACA by offering higher-deductible plans. Tellingly, the House did this with a voice vote, rather than a written vote, so that there would be no paper trail showing the GOP members support for Obamacare, but it's progress, nonetheless.

We've turned the corner. It's time to drop the toxic rhetoric about Obamacare and agree on its merits.

Joyce Weston