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What I heard at Kimball Castle hearing in Gilford was lots of apathy

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To The Daily Sun,

I have just come from the forum for Kimball's Castle. I got to hear a few speakers from Gilford on what they would like done to the castle. The overall census was that it should be fenced, and allowed to deteriorate naturally. One businessman spoke that it was not worth anything, and should be torn down. I am sure his reasoning is that someone from Mass. could buy the land, and build a monstrosity of a house. Of course he would need a boat as so many of Mass intruders come and abuse our natural beauty.

What I did hear tonight (Thursday) was a bunch of apathy. Gilford residents had a chance to come forward, and let their opinion be known, and have an option to vote whether or not they wanted to keep the castle or not. This did not happen as I am afraid you could care less. America is failing because of APATHY! You go to the polls, and hardly anyone is there. The next day the papers tell of the poor turnout. Guess what America, there are lot's of countries watching this, and they will soon invade us as we idly stand by, and allow them to!

Gilford was sadly remiss in not acting sooner on this problem. It was clear that the stipulations of the sale of the castle were not followed through and it should have reverted back to the town long before the castle, and grounds, were allowed to decay to this point!

Gilford is not the only town. Too many towns have allowed many historical landmarks to fall into disrepair or torn down to make way for so called improvement. I am so sick and tired of watching this happen. My husband and I joined the committee to save the castle. Most meetings we had maybe four or five people show. I saw this happening with the local Grange. I was paying all the bills out of my retirement to keep it going while no one was joining, and helping to save it. It took going from door-to-door asking the community to come together to decide what they wanted to do with the grange. We had 32 people join that night, and through the wonderful group of people that have come forward, joined, and got a lot of businesses to help restore the Wicwas Lake Grange; we have the largest Grange in N.H.

What I am getting at is that as citizens of the U.S., we need to start being proactive. This means that we need to start in our communities. We need of make our voices heard. I hear so many people complain about the politicians, but do go out, and vote! Wake up America, before it's too late!

Linda Phelps