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2002 Bush tax cuts reduced revenues by $1.8 trillion over 7 years

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to make comments referring to letters to editor written on April 4 and 6, 2014. I don't think I have seen such hateful letters written in a week as this.

It is my opinion that Mr. Maloof, tired of seeing the President of the United states being referred to in such a matter in the past month and responded as I would when reading letters of hate, distortion and disrespect. The letter he wrote was honest, to the point easily verified.

A letter on Thursday stated his letter contained no evidence to back up his opinions, all truthful. To answer that "talking point" I will. The writer stated that 37 percent of white folks voted for the president, did not mention who the other 63 percent voted for. On Saturday another writer wrote, "droves of white people voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Which is it? I guess what number a drove is confusing.

In 2012 of the 10 poorest states, nine voted for Romney, New Mexico voted for Obama. Of the 10 richest states, nine voted for Obama, Alaska voted for Romney. Our state is seventh richest state in the union, unemployment dropped to 4.7 percent. I guess it's fair to blame that on the president also.

The point Mr. Maloof makes, and clearly stated, was the red states receive the most federal dollars. This one fact — and I repeat, fact — the right-wing party won't touch with a 10 foot pole. A writer on April 6th stated that president hated him his children and grandchildren. I can't imagine the president told him that. I think he meant to say that they will be saddled with the national debt as he often mentions.

If you live in a blue state, your tax dollar goes to Washington, red states take it home. That has nothing to do with the president. I can add here help for you is on the way. Read the Ryan budget.

The next "talking point" which is the easiest to prove wrong is, "When John Kennedy lowered tax rates and when George W. Bush did, in both cases revenues increased. Completely false. Google: Bush tax cuts 2002. Read Bush tax cuts reduced revenues by about $1.8 trillion between 2002-2009. Other points of interest, read "Bruce Bartlett Bush tax cut failure, three good reasons to let high-end Bush tax cuts disappear this year." Compare Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts, a good read.

In 2008 a looming recession prompted President Bush to sign a stimulus package. Google economic stimulus act 2008. I will be interested to see what the nitpickers write in a letter to the editor about this evidence. I now think the right should talk about their 2014 candidates, two recycled senators, a man from Alton running for governor who doesn't know whether he lives here or Maryland. The Democrats love this story, can't wait for the voting to begin.

I think it's time to talk about 2016 presidential candidates. Since President Obama, although elected twice isn't qualified, I can hardly wait to see the qualifications are for a eye doctor from Kentucky has, or a traffic director of New Jersey has.

I don't need talking points, facts only.

To close on a very happy note, a topic that was always on my mind was planes loaded with dead and seriously wounded military personnel landing in Dover Delaware. While sitting here half listing to Lou Dobbs on Fox News, he announced that no military personnel died in Afghanistan last month. God bless the troops and the president of the United States of America.

Henry Osmer