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Putin respects power, but thanks to Obama, we have none

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To The Daily Sun,

In last Friday's Letters to the Editor, I find fellow townie, Henry, telling everyone to check out a report on MSNBC. Right, that's his idea of an unbiased, honest source of news and information. Personally I think it a swamp of foul-mouthed, hate-mongering, jerks. Just my opinion, but they just have to keep firing one after another of their anchors and hosts because of this.

Now what I really want to write about is Russia taking over the Ukraine. Yes so far it's only the Crimea. But just wait. No way Obama and crew could have seen this coming, right? So how come Sara Palan did a few years ago? Be that as it may, what is Obama going to do about it? Nothing.

He can't do a thing. Why? Because Europe is dependent on Russian oil, while Obama and progressives do everything in their power to keep America from being able to compete on the world's oil market.

Readers, oil was called "black gold" for a reason. It's a commodity just like any other commodity and creates wealth. Wealth creates power, and power is influence. Influence can shape world events like whether Putin can invade and subjugate the Ukraine. Well that ship has already left. Putin has power Obama none.

Sure we have the finest military in the world. The problem is we have no options politically. What progressives do, and have always done, is create an all-or-nothing, option-wise, situation for us here in the U.S. They did it before World War I , they did it before World War II, and after Vietnam and they have done and are doing it again.

Reality is, despots like Putin, respect only power and are swayed only by power and can be deterred only by power. Power used properly can prevent wars, lack of power invites wars. Progressives have never learned that history lesson maybe because they spend so much time revising history to suit their personal agenda.

All this just goes to show what we conservatives have been saying all along, Obama is unfit to be our president. He had no experience in business, banking, management, foreign affairs, plus he had zero accomplishments in his state government, the U.S. Senate nothing to recommend him. So how, and why, is he our president? Because liberals were so excited to elect the first black president they voted for the color of his skin, instead of the content of his character. And they call us racists?

Steve Earle