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Why do voters have to show up at polls but reps can phone it in?

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To The Daily Sun,

Wow! Mrs. Wittmann, I haven't been lectured like that since my sixth-grade teacher, Miss Forsyth, caught me passing a note to Mary Ellen Swartz during history class. Mary Ellen sure was some gal, a real hottie! Wonder what she's doing now? Any way, I was soooo embarrassed.

Since I am not well read, I guess I didn't do a very good job of making my point in my previous letter, since I don't write well. But in that letter I don't remember writing about "Khumbaya," heck I can't even pronounce it, much less spell it. You remind me to do my research — really good idea.

Mrs. Worsman could send out, in advance of county convention meetings, a printed agenda so's we'uns can research the various subjects up for vote. Golly gee Miss Forsyth . . . oops I mean, Mrs. Wittmann, "I promise to be a good boy and do my research every day." Stop laughing Joyce, as my wife you should know I'm trying to be serious.

I don't remember saying anything about "warm-up bands" and "hippies," but if I insulted them in some way, I'll try to be a good boy and never do it again, cross my heart. I'll also work hard to develop some common sense so's I won't be afraid to get into the belly of the beast. Right now I don't have enough sense to pound sand down a rat hole! I'll read any books you recommend. I'm sure you'll help me choose which ones as I can tell from your letter that you are a warm and generous person. I'll read them all after I finish the stuff I am reading now — Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. I'm afraid I'm not going finish them soon though 'cause most of the words have two or more syllables and I spend a lot of time looking up meanings.

Oh yes, I guess I should tell why I wrote the former letter. . . why is it voters have to appear in person at the polls and show a picture ID in order to vote for those representatives who will be members of the county convention, but those same officials at the convention can vote by telephone and not actually appear and be identified? Who is the person on the other end of the telephone line who is voting? I have been told that this procedure is legal under New Hampshire state law, but why is it legal for lawmakers not to appear in person but us little people must appear?

Have nice day, Mrs. Wittmann and, oh yes, Khumbaya!

Elliot Finn