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Where's evidence of Republicans concern over folks at bottom

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To The Daily Sun,

I wrote a letter a while ago responding to letter writer Tony Boutin's so-called facts that he used to claim that people choose to stay poor and dependent on programs offered by state and federal government.

I asked for specific examples of what Republicans have done for those who are classified as the lower class. How has the GOP proposed to get this segment of our population out of the vicious cycle of poverty? Actual proposals, instead of the usual vague platitudes, would be greatly appreciated.

Since Mr. Boutin never responded I wonder: Does he need more time? Is he still doing research? Or did has he decided to ignore the topic which you broached in the first place and just move on to another talking point?

Could it be that Republicans on any level haven't implemented many laws or programs to serve this segment of our population? Could it be that many programs and laws enacted by Democrats have, in point of fact, been watered down by the GOP, or just blindly opposed and obstructed because they were Democratic ideas? Could it be that through the actions (or inaction) of the GOP programs and laws have been defunded or just wiped out?

I won't hold my breath waiting for a detailed report of facts and figures. This winter's snow banks will be long gone before we see evidence of Republican concern for those on the bottom rungs, or of any attempts to help them climb up the ladder to a much better standard of living, right?.

Bernadette Loesch