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Funny that conservatives all have copy of 'Rules for Radicals'

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To The Daily Sun,

Today, I read a letter in The Sun written by Ms. Bernadette Loesch berating Colette Worsman for ignoring Robert's Rules when it suits her. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for you Ms. Loesch.

Further, in the same edition, I read a letter from Phil and Chris Wittmann in which they state; "Colette and Jane (Cormier) are simply doing what's best for the taxpayers and county employees." What does that mean? It seems to me that it means, Ms. Worsman does what she thinks is best and as Mr. Thomas would say, "to hell with anyone else" and those who oppose her are engaging in "childish hysteria."

Mr. and Mrs. Wittmann point out that those opposed to Ms. Worsman's leadership are following principles laid down in Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals."

"Progressives always do this (ie: follow Alinsky's rules) to opponents because they think like children, and not responsible adults." It's funny that they seem to have a copy of that particular book.

Thank you for mentioning children. It reminds me of an old saying my father often repeated to me, "A job worth doing is worth doing right." From what I can tell it has been modified to, "A job is worth doing by doing it my way."

Elliot Finn