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Mr. Accornero has added outrageous verses to same old song

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To The Daily Sun,

He's baaaack! Until his letter of March 22, I had not heard much of or from Harry Accornero since he was voted out of the New Hampshire House of Representatives after just one term by his relatively conservative constituents for being a bit too extreme.

Many will remember when Mr. Accornero, as a member of the New Hampshire House, embarrassed both the state and his own Republican Party by going to Concord with Orly Taitz, a leading "Birther" lawyer and petitioning the state's Board of Elections to exclude President Obama from the ballot on the grounds he was not a native-born U.S. citizen. When this petition was properly rejected, he called the members of the board "traitors" and threatened them, telling the members to "wear a mask" if they ever came to Laconia. I seem to remember that law enforcement was going to investigate those threats. Whatever became of that investigation?

Mr. Accornero has often accused the president of not being a native-born citizen and even of being a "traitor," a term used frequently and loosely by Mr. Accornero in spite of the fact that our founders narrowly defined that crime to protect people from being punished for treason simply because they might disagree with someone like Mr. Accornero. He has made these statements but has refused to provide proof of his allegations or even discuss them rationally.

Mr. Accornero beats the same drum and sings the same song, but in his most recent letter to the Sun, he added a couple more outrageous verses. This time, he questions President and Mrs. Obama's identity, sexuality, and even where their children came from.

Doesn't Mr. Accornero "fact check" anything? Does he really believe these insane conspiracy theories about the president (which have been completely discredited in the courts and even by other conservatives). Or is he just looking to offend? When I have met him, he seemed like a nice, intelligent, and rational man which makes it hard to believe he actually believes them.

On the other hand, for such conspiracy theorists, facts mean very little. They often accuse "fact check" websites of being liberal, leftist conspiracies themselves. For conspiracy theorists, the more you try to disprove the conspiracy the more it serves as "evidence" to them that you are just another part of the conspiracy. How can one rationally argue against such irrationality?

Mr. Accornero also alleges that Democrats have joined forces with "left-wing" Republicans in a "communist" conspiracy to destroy our country. Where are these "left-wing" Republicans, Mr. Accornero? I certainly don't know any and I have friends and family of all political persuasions.

I will agree that for years, the GOP had a strong and viable faction of moderate and rational Republicans but they have been disappearing since the 1980s. Actually, they survived longer in New Hampshire, as exemplified by such thoughtful, rational Republicans as the late Dr. James "Doc" Pilliod, the late Ray Burton, John Thomas, and others, but nationwide, they are becoming quite rare, being rapidly replaced by members of the conservative and religious "fringe."

E. Scott Cracraft