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‘Mediscare’ is back and it’s just as false & misleading as ever

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To The Daily Sun,

It's back — Mediscare. And it's just as false and misleading as ever. In December 2013 New Hampshire began being bombarded with ads attacking Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter which tried to scare us into believing that the Affordable Care Act was denying us the opportunity to renew our policies and keep our doctors.

Shea-Porter immediately responded saying, "Washington Republicans should take down their misleading attack ads and stop frightening Granite Staters who hold individual policies from Anthem, because they can indeed renew their policies and keep their current doctors and hospitals." She added that she'd worked successfully with Anthem to extend the renewal deadline for individual policy holders.

The fact-checking organization Politifact investigated the attack ads and found them to be false, stating that, "New Hampshire policy holders were always able to extend their current policies 12 months, thanks to the state's early renewal option." For that reason and also because Shea-Porter had convinced Anthem to extend its renewal deadline to December, Politifact rated as true Shea-Porter's December statement that, "Granite Staters who hold individual policies from Anthem ... can indeed renew their policies and keep their doctors and hospitals."

Of course most people in New Hampshire don't hold individual policies — only 5 percent do — so the majority (with employer based insurance) are not affected by any of this. We are so fortunate to have such a hard-working congresswoman who cares about that 5 percent of New Hampshire citizens and fought to prevent New Hampshire's one individual-policy insurer from harming them.

Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works