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Well-meaning grassroots get duped by great-sounding promises

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To The Daily Sun,

Jon Hoyt: just reciting Democrat talking-points (March 19) isn't a meaningful counterargument to my letter of March 15. Some of your comments, e.g., that people can't have children until after retirement, are just silly.
President Obama and Vice President Biden seem to agree with you and me that a good job is better than welfare, so it should be okay that Bono also agrees.

You misrepresented my statement. I correctly said, "Conservative policies encourage investment ... because they create jobs allowing people to escape poverty and pursue their dreams."

Progressives try to fool people by misapplying the term "investment" to government spending, but progressive policies actually discourage job-creating investment.

President Obama's progressive policies, including frequent releases of numerous oppressive and unpredictable regulations, slow and unreliable permitting, and other unexpected costs, make starting or operating a successful business much more difficult.

Because of Obamacare's odious requirements, businesses will struggle to stay below, or get below, 50 employees.

The Arch Coal Company invested approximately $50 million implementing federally approved plans creating 250 jobs before the Obama administration changed its mind and yanked the permit. Who will invest in the face of such unpredictable actions?

Today's miserable job growth is the result of people making rational decisions in the face of all the obstacles to success that President Obama has put in place.

If they really want the best for people, why don't progressives put less effort into locking people in welfare and more effort into eliminating the policies that kill jobs and opportunities for struggling people?

Our $17 trillion debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities exist so politicians can spend on grateful recipients without making current taxpayers (voters) suffer the full cost.

Conservatives oppose deficit spending by Democrats and Republicans. We oppose special privileges for anyone (businesses, unions, the rich, officeholders and their friends, other special interests, etc.).

Progressives condemn these too, so why don't they join conservative efforts to stop them? Why didn't progressives do something about them in 2009 when they totally controlled Washington? Or is progressive condemnation just more talk/lies?

I believe the bigger political divide is between Washington and the grassroots, not between the Democrat and Republican grassroots. The real inequality is between most people and those with Washington connections: Politicians, rich donors, special interests, and family members.

I believe the grassroots want the best for everyone, but they have often been duped by great-sounding promises into electing people who primarily want the best for themselves.

To really help struggling Americans, we must elect people who will eliminate job killing policies, not people who only make false promises.

Don Ewing