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Why didn’t GOP complain when premiums rose before Obamacare?

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To The Daily Sun,

Have you wondered why health care premiums will go up for some? It's rather simple. In the past, insurance companies would bar people with pre-existing conditions or drop people when they became too sick and expensive. That kept the costs down for healthy people and top earners. But now that is illegal.

By barring those people "not good enough" for the insurance company's bottom line, it kept many well-to-do and healthy people's premiums down. That's right. An uninsurable person gets sick for life or dies just to keep the premiums lower.

Now the playing field is leveled and the privileged are no longer customers with discounts due to barring people who really need health care. Fancy that. If you are not in the greatest health, you aren't good enough to be taken care of. People in actual need of health care get barred in order to keep prices down for others who benefit the cold, hard bottom line. This scenario is why health care can never work as a free market commodity. With health care, people must be the bottom line.

It would appear that the right wing is toast on repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act. The latest Quinnipiac poll reveals that 62 percent of Americans oppose repealing the law. In those 62 percent, 10 percent want it unchanged, and 52 percent want some tinkering and ironing out. The United States has finally caught up to New Hampshire, who by the same 62 percent, opposed its repeal back in 2011.

Last week, the Senate held hearings on Canada's single-payer system. A Republican was grilling the Canadian minster using the talking points of the Tea Party. One question regarded why doctors were leaving Canada. She made it clear such was not the case. When he hit her with the usual about waiting lines, she spoke of how they were dealing with that with elective procedures. It doesn't happen in emergency situations. She sunk his little plastic boat by adding, "We might have some waiting problems, but we don't have 45,000 people dying very year because they can't get health care."

I love my new Silver Plan. My wife and I pay a total of $106 a month. We do not shed tears for the people who lost their discounts and special treatment due to the illnesses of others.

Have you ever wondered why the GOP never said a peep when people got dropped or premiums went up before Obama? When you have been bought and paid for, you keep your mouth shut and let people die for the benefit of the sociopaths who only care about money.

James Veverka