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Local monsignor should resign from board of hateful organization

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To The Daily Sun,

Sometimes I wonder if Pope Francis is making any headway here in New Hampshire. From all appearances, (he's) not. Case in point is what I gleaned off the Internet below.

A prominent Catholic priest leads St. Joseph Cathedral here in New Hampshire, and is a recent former member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. But he also serves on the Board of Directors of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, whose president made headlines last week for his remarks that "the human-hating people that run modern universities should all be taken out and shot." While the president was forced to apologize for his "poorly chosen words," his organization continues to work for the passage of draconian laws criminalizing homosexuality.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has warned that this organization is aiding and abetting the anit-LGBT forces in countries whose anti-gay violence is prevalent. Monsignor Anthony Frontiera's involvement is helping this hate group masquerade as a legitimately Catholic organization, and undermining Pope Francis's efforts to focus the church on Christ's radical message of love. The monsignor needs to resign from this hate group's Board of Directors.

George Maloof