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Income inequality is ironic effect of President Obama’s policies

  • Published in Letters

To The Daily Sun,

Years ago Barack Obama started talking about income inequality. So it's ironic that income inequality has increased significantly during his presidency. It's ironic, but it's not surprising because income inequality is the unavoidable result of President Obama's "progressive" policies.

Despite frequently berating the rich and demanding that they pay their "fair share," President Obama's policies have made the rich richer. But, of course, that is what the rich expect for a $35,000 dinner.
The rich are major beneficiaries of big government, from fat government contracts (often without competitive bidding), special tax treatments, regulations for favored businesses, selective enforcement of laws and regulations, etc.

On the other hand, non-rich working Americans are worse off now than five years ago. This, too, is the unavoidable result of President Obama's progressive policies.

Most non-rich working Americans depend on employers for jobs. Policies that hurt employers' chances for success also hurt Americans needing a job (or a better job).

Obama's progressive policies increase business risks and costs, making success more unlikely. Businesses slow or stop growing or contract, slowing or stopping job growth or even cutting jobs.

Small businesses create the most jobs. Yet, starting a business is quite risky. About half of all new businesses fail within four years. Poor economic times and progressive policies combined reduce the chances for the success needed to create jobs.

Obama's extremist regulations are closing down existing businesses (e.g., mines, farms, electricity generating plants) costing hundreds of thousands of good jobs. Obama's extremist energy policies raise energy costs which increase the cost of everything we buy and force some businesses to cut jobs. Other Obama policies prevent the creation of millions of high-paying jobs, especially in energy, pipeline, and related businesses.

President Obama's support of illegal aliens reduces the wages and number of jobs for working Americans, increases our tax burden, and creates victims of accidents and crimes committed by people who shouldn't even be here.

Can President Obama be so blind that he doesn't see the disastrous results of five years of his "progressive" policies? Doesn't he see the reduced wages, the lost jobs, and the increased cost of living that harm Americans who are not rich? Doesn't he care? Or is income inequality only a fake concern, a ploy to fool people and gain power?

President Obama knows that poor and struggling people typically reward the politicians who promise the most unemployment payments or welfare. Is political advantage from making more people dependent on government and politicians the real intent of President Obama's "progressive" policies? Could our president be this evil? The evidence is pretty condemning.

Don Ewing