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Is Obamacare the biggest gov’t boondoggle we’ve ever seen?

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To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Obamacare, is this the biggest government boondoggle we've ever seen or what?

Five years ago when they started talking it up they made so many promises it sounded too good to be true and guess what, it was. First Obama looked the American people in the eye and flat out lied to us. "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance," he said.

Democrats shut the Republicans out writing the thing behind closed doors then gave Congress 48 hours to pass it. "We'll know what is in it after we pass it," said Nancy P. But who could read a couple thousand pages of complex legislation in such a short time? They didn't, the Democrats just passed it unread. Not one Republican voted for it. So Democrats reacted in standard form calling all Republicans and conservatives racist.

Five years later and we have seen that the critics were right. A hint might have been that Congress exempted themselves from it. The unions were the first to realize they had been hoodwinked and demanded Obama fix it. So Obama gave them an exemption. Then big business constituents of Obama realized it was going to hurt them and demanded Obama's fix it. So Obama gave them an extended extension. The roll-out was a case study in incompetence poor planning and more spin. Then sign-ups which they still can't or won't tell us how many people actually are covered. They keep reporting inflated numbers of people visiting the sign-up pages and how many people have applied. But can anyone tell us how many are really covered?

After all this, the spin continues. Now you can keep your doctor if you can pay for your doctor. Isn't that what health insurance is supposed to be for? You still can't keep your old insurance because it wasn't good enough, except for tens of millions of American families it was. It was supposed to save most families a couple thousand dollars a year. Instead, it costs several thousands more for most plus the deductibles are thousands more and co-pays are much higher. Now Obama's constituents are complaining telling him to fix it. So Obama said if it causes them a hardship they can get an exemption.

What a president. What a leader. Who the heck does he think is going to be left to pay for this fiasco? Probably the Chinese from where we have been borrowing trillions of dollars. Right. China violates the human rights of its people, while it builds up a huge military machine, pays slave wages and we're supposed to trust these guys. What a president.

Steve Earle