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Safety net is necessary because job creators aren’t doing their job

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To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing, exactly what world do you live in? The conservative views held in the good old USA aren't even close to the ones you have described last Friday. I am glad to know you do feel everyone deserves a chance to be happy, financially secure and leading the good life for one and all, etc., etc. But I'm really surprised out of the billions of people in world Bono was the best you could find as a leading humanitarian example.

You say conservatives encourage investment. Progressives do, too. But in today's financial environment few people have that extra money to invest. Food on the table comes first along with the other usual monthly bills. Still awaiting for the job creators to do the creating. And forget about Keystone, as those 35 jobs won't make much difference in the long run. I think the people who live out there might have an opinion about that anyway.

Your policies are good for children too? Your paragraph implies you might as well retire before having kids. Delaying parenthood until after marriage, education and employment so you say. I am glad you believe in the Constitution. Do I have the same choice?

Conservatives want to help the truly needy? Interesting, and again where are the jobs and all that extra help? I agree that welfare is not a hammock. But it is a safety net that, at times, is difficult to get out of. But since your job creators are not doing their job, those that need help should get it.

By the way Don, the $17 trillion debt didn't come from failed attempts to buy votes, reward supporters or obtain personal benefits by any conservatives, but largely two wars on credit cards, auto bailouts and help for our needy, done by both parties, started by Bush and continued by Obama to stop a crashing Bush economy before our country fell apart.

So now we have a slowly recovering economy, wars that are winding down, but still many people in need of help. Conservatives are still refusing to help them by voting down food programs or any program that promises extra help.

Women's health isn't an issue for you. So try reading the book about women you all got. Making minority voting an issue is. Wasting millions of dollars re­arranging the voting laws, repealing the ACA, having Darryl Izza play Joseph McCarthy, closing the government down, giving tax breaks to the top 1 percent money makers along with other major government perks all seem to be justified to your side.

At least now you have Scott Brown coming to help. Just another carpetbagger trying to cash in. We don't need him, we already have Bob Smith, so another one who puts a salary before his constituents, whose priorities are all out of whack is not needed. Anyway, Ayotte along with Shaheen is enough.

Jon Hoyt

­ Plymouth