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General political trend is overwhelming: liberals always win

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To The Daily Sun,

I have a new Hero of the Month. His name is Jerry Springer, the former democratic mayor of Cincinnati and now talk show host of the infamous Jerry Springer Show, which I don't watch and neither does he. It would be interesting to know the composition of his audience. Oh the irony of it all if we found out that the majority of his audience was mostly conservative? I'll let the fringe do that research.
Here's a couple of quotes from this Democratic progressive: "the general trend is, overwhelmingly, liberals ALWAYS win. Every major issue you can think of that Americans are now proud of started out with conservatives fighting it and liberals winning". And again: "I'm not saying we don't elect conservatives a lot, but it doesn't much matter because ultimately those conservatives have to become more liberal to survive".
Let me apologize for the capital letters above. I want to make sure that the viewers of Fox News, who are mostly elderly, can see the point of Springer's message. Well, in the words of another fringe contributor to this forum: "You have to die sometime"! I believe he was referring to the Medicaid expansion bill that is probably going to pass the N.H. House soon.
Coming back from voting last week I reflected on why I mostly vote for liberal candidates. Well, okay, I always vote for liberal candidates. Sometimes the plain truth hits you right square between the eyes and it's hard to deny Springer's comments. Youth will not be denied. The next generation will not be denied — especially if it has great needs. It doesn't appear that Washington is in a position to rectify the social ills that plague us but as soon as they become a potent minority they will go to Washington and do it themselves. That's the way society works. We move forward. Humanity moves forward. In spite of Libertarian attempts to establish a plutocracy, democracy will prevail in these here United States.
Conservatives can put up as many road blocks as they want but in the end Liberals will ALWAYS win. I have never been a believer in absolute truth but in this case I'll make an exception.

George Maloof