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On health care, Obama went with poorly thought out GOP plan

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To The Daily Sun,

First I would like to thank Mr. Meade for his reasonable and intelligent response to my request for someone on the right to give an example of our president's constitutional improprieties.

Before I give my response to that let me just say this: If the president had asked me prior to attempting to enact a Republican health care plan, I would have advised against it. But, unfortunately, that ship has sailed, and we are left with a poorly thought-out Republican plan.

We can make it work if we work together. Again a huge "but" stands in the way. I know Republicans have been claiming that our president is a divisive leader, even when it was the Republicans leadership who met on inauguration day in 2009 to make a pact to make this a one-term presidency. Of course they failed at that miserably. I believe our president made the mistake of believing if he went with a Republican plan for health care that those on the right might try to work with him.

And to Mr. Meade, I agree that time will tell. The only monkey-wrench I can see that would swing this in the president's direction is that he is a Harvard-trained constitutional Lawyer. He might have found quite-legal ways to change this poorly thought-out plan to make it work for everyone. And as far as any legacy for this president goes, at the very least he is trying to help as many Americans as he can.

Now we all may learn a lesson here, electing a constitutional lawyer to the presidency can be a dangerous thing, or it could be the best thing we could have done with the House of Representatives we are stuck with at this time.

I would like to add my two cents to the Ukrainian debacle. The German chancellor said after speaking to Putin that he was "not in touch with reality". The Republicans were quick to put Putin on a pedestal, and call the president "weak." Given Putin's mental state, this president has had extensive experience dealing with folks who are certainly "not in touch" with reality. What better leadership could we ask for in this crisis.

Marty Valengavich