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Recent election results suggest United States is waking up

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To The Daily Sun,

In January, I asked 14 questions of Sen. Shaheen, Reps. Shea-Porter and Kuster. As of March 14, my questions have gone unanswered. Allow me to answer my questions.

1. How many people have paid the premium? No one knows. Why not ask the insurance companies?

2. Who is buying Obamacare,e.g. old, young, etc.? No one knows. Why not ask the insurance companies?

3. What is the cost of the healthcare.gov website including repairs? HHS does not know.

4. When will the website work, front and back? No one knows.

5. In 2009-10, Rep. Shea-Porter and Sen. Shaheen told us we could keep our insurance. Why haven't they apologized for lying to us? They refuse to apologize for this.

6. Senator Landrieu of Louisiana stated was misled when she voted for Obamacare. Were Rep. Shea-Porter and Sen. Shaheen misled? No, they knew everything about the ACA and were proud of it.

7. Rep. Shea-Porter told us that "Obamacare will reduce the deficit." Please explain how? Rep. Shea-Porter has never explained how this would happen.

8. Why are Dems running for the hills because of Obamacare? Because they are tied to Obamacare and it is hurting their re-election chances.

9. Will Reps. Shea-Porter, Kuster and Sen. Shaheen run on Obamacare? No, they will run as far away from Obamacare as they can.

10. Why was the D.C. Insurance Commissioner fired for criticizing Obamacare? Because this is the way the Dems work. Why was Doctor Ben Carson audited by the IRS after criticizing President Obama?

11. Why did Sen. Shaheen want to delay the Medical Device Tax until after the 2014 election? Because, she want to be re-elected.

12. Why is Sen. Shaheen joining other Democrats to delay Obamacare? Because, she want to be re-elected.

13. Why does Obamacare allow for children to stay on their parent's policy until the age of 26 and military (our veterans) to age 21? Rep. Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen knew this when they voted for Obamacare. I cannot answer this question.

14. Why does the media, newspapers, politicians say that the tax for not having Obamacare is $95? Lately, the media has been stating that the tax is progressive based on your income.

The Florida election of Rep. Jolly and the election of Colonel Kenney in New Hampshire are signs that the United States is waking up to the liberal policies of the Democrat party. God bless America.

Jim Mayotte