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Rosemary wouldn't make up a conversation with Herb Vadney

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To The Daily Sun,

First, congratulations to Joe Kenney in his bid for Executive Council. It is encouraging that a conservative with no union backing and using his own money, can still get elected in New Hampshire.

Second, on behalf of our family, many thanks to the 185 voters who wrote Dave's name in for the Meredith Selectboard position. Dave was not actively running a campaign, so was overwhelmed with the number of votes he received. Those votes are a direct result of unbelievable energy on the part of Rosemary Landry, Don Ewing, and Nancy Duren, as well as letters that expressed confidence in Dave's ability to be on the board. Thank you all for the support. It is important to have choice in the electoral process.

Because it is bothersome to me, my third point deals with the "shenanigans," claimed by some, within this election. I am and have been on many boards ranging from school board, quilt guild boards, music organization boards, PTO boards, booster boards, and church boards. I have many friends who have been on a variety of other public boards.

The common ground on all boards is that when someone's term is up and they are leaving the board, heads come together informally to think of a replacement who is a "like" thinker for the majority of those still governing. There are laws in place concerning public boards and the Right to Know Law, but nonetheless, this is both human nature and common practice.

In looking at accusations about the Meredith Selectboard elections and reading computer and newspaper comments, I know that Hillary Seeger was recruited by Carla Horne to become a candidate. I cannot believe that Carla Horne would have encouraged Hillary to run unless she knew that Herb Vadney was not running. Hillary is a very nice person, but not very well known to most, and she had never even been to a Selectboard meeting before filing, making Vadney pretty tough to beat.

Given the cohesiveness of the Selectboard, when the filing date for elections was looming, it is also impossible to believe that someone on the board would not have asked Herb Vadney if he was resigning. It is equally probable that board members would have been told that Hillary Seeger, a friend of Carla Horne, was running for the board.

Over the past years, I have read Rosemary Landry's letters. She gets her facts before she puts them to paper. She absolutely would not have made up a conversation with Herb Vadney and then put it in writing for the newspapers. I do find it odd that only Carla Horne and Herb Vadney have been asked about the situation by both Seeger and the press. It might be interesting to know what the chairman knew and what was passed on to the other board members, before casting stones in the direction of letter writers, who still have a right to their opinions and interpretations.

I'm certain there was no conspiracy on the part of the board to limit candidates. But a public announcement of vacancy would have been a nice courtesy gesture for the people of Meredith.

Karen Sticht