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I'm not person to pull imaginary conversations out of the air

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To The Daily Sun,

At the Selectboard meeting in February, I had a cordial and friendly conversation with Herb Vadney. Herb and I were standing facing each other, I put my hand on his arm (as a gesture, meaning I would miss him), and then I quietly without anger, addressed a news article of Feb. 1, and his decision not to run for selectman, nor to let the public know that he wasn't running. Herb stated that he loved being in the House of Representatives in Concord, but that he needed more time to devote to his position. He also said he had other responsibilities concerning his rental properties.

My next statement was a hypothetical situation regarding myself. "I might have liked to run, but now it was too late." My tone was quiet, again, without anger. Herb responded quietly to me also. "I think the board wants Seeger." The communication then ended because it was time for the 5:30 p.m. meeting to begin.

I am not a person to pull imaginary conversations out of the air, as Herb Vadney is now implying that he never told me, "I think the board wants Seeger." That is simply not my style, and I resent the insinuation that what I wrote regarding this issue was false. Right now my character is being attacked, the facts are being falsified, and the truth is being hidden from the people of Meredith. I have learned recently that a public official is not suppose to bring a "bias" in connection with an applicant for any position.

Many untruths have filled the space in the news around the Meredith selectman election and I do not appreciate being the scapegoat. So I repeat, what I wrote was the truth, regardless of what officials are saying. I would not have printed anything in the newspaper that I didn't hear correctly.

Rosemary Landry