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Some of you need to get off your high horses & learn to live frugally

To The Daily Sun,

Now that Election Day is here and you have all nominated your friends for certain powers to be positions, please do not complain when they have no business experience to fall back on and they raise our taxes to spend on things we do not need.

Voting out of the way, it is time to get back to other things that concern us all like bad roads, creepy crawly things in drug store brands of popcorn, and price gouging at the gas pumps in anticipation of the new gas tax. (Speaking of which, whoever is in charge of the gas tax certainly is not spending it on road repairs as it is going to raises for people working in the highway department. Anyone looking for a raise should be limited to the 1 percent raise doled out to the people on Social Security.) As for the creepy crawly things in the bottom of your bags of popcorn, it would be advisable to make your own snacks as they would be more healthy for you. And besides, maybe this is just to getting you used to eating creepy crawly things as we slide backward into a Third World country.

Now for the road situation. Anyone living and driving in New Hampshire that can remember back 30 years ago, we had some of the best roads in New England, that is until some people started to complain that all the road works were given to the same company. When the contracts were given to people charging less for their work, the roads went to hell in a hand-basket very quickly. The company that kept us in good shape roadwise were paid more because they delivered an exceptional piece of work, making it known that sometimes you have to pay more for quality. Crossing the state line between here and Vermont, the roads over there are the ones we used to have here — better than average.

This leads us back to voting and the hope you have of your person getting elected and you reminding them it is payback time and they need to come across with the "grease my palm" for getting them into office. As for me, I am used to living on nickels and dimes, and some of you need to get off your high horses and learn to live frugally, too.

Bev Buker


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