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I believe you, Ms. Huot, are standing for truth & justice in your church

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To The Daily Sun,

In response to June M. Huot, I am aware of Pope Benedict's defrocking of 400 priests; the national news reported Pope Francis fired 300 priests and and active investigation into many more crimes. Could defrock many more, I call that Christian justice, for the victims.

I believe the majority of priests live godly lives, may God bless them and use them to lead people to Jesus Christ. I believe that God can save anyone, if he saved me June, and I came from the guttermost, he can save Mr. Veverka. I don't condemn Jim Veverka, I believe by faith, Jim will experience God's love and grace.

We are all sinners and need a savoir. God loved us all so much, that he sent Jesus Christ his only son to die for our sins, that we all have to do, is repent, and believe that we may be saved. (John 3:1-18)

You seem to think I'm self-righteous? Believe me, I was the worst sinner, and thank God for reaching out his hand, and saving me. Jesus Christ is not a right-wing Republican, or a Democrat, or an American, he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lord's; his Kingdom is not of this world, but in God's Kingdom of heaven. All my letters to the Daily Sun have always exalted Jesus Chris, not myself. 

There was a day, in October 1963 in Belfast, Ireland, that I went to hear an American missionary called T.L. Osborn preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I went up to an old alter of prayer, and like the publican in (Luke 18:13) asked God to be merciful to me a sinner, I went home a new man.

Last but not least, I am comfortable that Jesus came into my heart and can say. I am not ashamed for I know who I have believed, and am persuaded that he (Christ) is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day (Tim: 1:12). "Bill McCoy is not a Republican June."

May God bless you June Huot. I believe you are standing for truth and justice in your church.

William McCoy