Thank you Senators Forrester & Hosmer for N.H. Health Protection Plan

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To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Health Protection Plan extends private insurance coverage to an estimated 3,000 persons in our region in a fiscally responsible way.

As an emergency physician in practice in the region for almost 30 years, I have truly seen the human toll of what being without coverage means.

The bipartisan agreement that Senators Forrester and Hosmer voted for will directly help the health of those without insurance. Also, it will help lower the rate of increase in health insurance costs for those individuals and businesses that have purchased coverage previously, by reducing uncompensated care and treating illnesses at a less expensive stage.

Thank you, Senators Forrester and Hosmer, for your support of this truly New Hampshire solution so vital to the health and economic well-being of our region.

Paul F. Racicot, MD