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Perhaps she's unaware labor participation rate is lowest in 35 years?

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To The Daily Sun,

In the March 12, issue of The Laconia Daily Sun, Ms. Loesch claimed that I, and others, ". . . faithfully repeat talking points from the corporate-funded right wing and Fox." She went on to say, ". . . these critics give us snippets of this and that, usually more fiction than fact." And, she reminds us that Chicken Little was wrong, the sky wasn't falling. I will not speak for the others she cited, only for myself.

First, most of my "talking points" come from the experience gained in having lived a long life, from the Constitution that I keep close at hand, and from the ability to look at and read a variety of news reports. If Ms. Loesch can cite one case of where I gave a wrong fact, I would like her to state it. As to her Chicken Little comment, my view is that it is better to have tried and failed, than to not have tried at all. I, and others, try to sound the alarm while you, Ms. Loesch, seem to always want to hit the snooze button and go back to your dream world.

The world is in serious turmoil — Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Crimea and the Ukraine, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Uganda, Mali, Rwanda, and Lebanon, just to name a few — and the mightiest nation the world has ever known, the nation others look to as their protector, offers little more than a finger shaking and "stern condemnation". Our closest allies now doubt that we will come to their aid, and Israel may have to act independently to secure their own survival as a state, and as a people.

And, the most difficult has yet to come: China. As they observe our feckless foreign policy, and they see us doing little to prevent Russia from reconstituting the Soviet Union, it's a good bet that they will reclaim Taiwan, the island of Formosa. If the current administration stays true to form, our treaty with Taiwan to protect them will be worthless paper and will negate every treaty we have. Tied directly to all of this is China's need for oil to fuel its economy. We politically diddle over the Keystone Pipeline while China is probably prepared to go to war to get oil from the Mideast countries that are in various stages of uproar. Russia has the third-largest oil and gas reserves in the world and, as things stand now, if they pull the plug, Europe will be in a deep freeze.

Our president claims we're increasing our oil production and he's right. But that increase is in spite of his actions, not because of them. We have the largest known oil reserves in the world and we could be an exporter, but standing in the way is the president's political pandering to certain left-leaning constituencies.

At home, Ms. Loesch applauds this administration for the growth in the Dow Jones stock market average. Perhaps she is unaware that the Federal Reserve has been pumping about a trillion dollars of free money a year into banks and the financial industry. Do you know why the banks now pay such a miniscule amount of interest? Because they're getting interest free money from the feds. Not only has this become the forerunner for high inflation, it has driven people into the stock market in hopes of getting some higher return on their investment. A bubble has been created. And what happens when the bubble bursts . . . it falls and hurts millions and millions of people. Perhaps Ms. Loesch can ask the president what his contingency plan is for dealing with that problem.

Ms. Loesach also applauds the shrinking unemployment rate. Perhaps she's unaware that we now have the lowest "labor participation rate" in over 35 years.

Constitutionally, the president has been a one-man wrecking crew. If any other president acted so outside the Constitution's boundaries, he would have already been impeached and convicted. The Founding Fathers gave us a government of shared powers, of checks and balances, all designed to make the enacting of laws difficult, and to ensure they met the will of the people.

I don't know how long it will take for us to recover and re-institute the system of checks and balances that helped to make us the greatest nation in the world. But let's hope that we can.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Bob Meade