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Erin Apostolos obtained $70k grant for Meredith Library; thanks!!

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To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the residents of Meredith:

The Trustees of the Meredith Public Library congratulate and thank our library director for obtaining $70,000 from the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program for preservation work on the library. Since the library building is owned by the town, Erin Apostolos deserves the public's acknowledgement and gratitude for winning this award. Using numbers from the 2010 census, we calculate the LCHIP grant amounts to taxes saved of more than $11 per resident.

Securing these funds from LCHIP brings our library that much closer to the $186,000 needed to renovate and repair the chimneys, masonry and drainage system of the older structure, work that we hope will commence this summer. LCHIP money comes from fees on four types of documents recorded at Registries of Deeds all around the state. In addition to preserving and protecting places people love, LCHIP projects bring added economic benefit by providing employment and enhancements that attract visitors.

In addition to her other duties, Erin is constantly researching and applying for grant money. As library director for Meredith, she has successfully written more than 15 grants totaling more than $115,000 for our library. We congratulate and thank Judy Hodges and John Locke also for grants they have received that are not included in the above total. We are proud of our dedicated and hard-working staff. When you visit the library, please let them know they are appreciated.

Trustees of the Meredith Public Library:

Rhetta Colon

Coleen Nolan

Duncan Mcneish

Mary Richardson

Paul Eldridge

Ann Butler

Pam Coburn