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Laconia residents should be concerned about cable TV industry

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To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank Ken Slater of Gilford for echoing my thoughts regarding MetroCast Cablevision. I live in Laconia and have had the same experience as Mr. Slater. All residents should be concerned about what is taking place in the cable industry.

Currently, ComCast is trying to purchase Time Warner, which would give ComCast more than a 60 percent share in the industry. MetroCast either rents or leases the cable lines from ComCast. Obviously, rates will go up after the acquisition and these will be passed on to the customer.

As Mr. Slater mentioned, we only have so many choices for services and have to pay extra to be in a higher tier to be able to view more channels. My friend who lives in Exeter informed that many of the higher tier channels we pay for in the Lakes Region are actually included in his basic channel coverage. Why aren't we getting the same service?

Several weeks ago I sent an e-mail to customer service at MetroCast regarding my e-mail account and not one person has responded to me.

It is too bad that are elected officials and paid representatives are not doing their research and seem to be shooting from the hip. These types of issues do not seem to be as important to them as they can afford the price increases. Maybe it's just easier for them to go with the flow. I hope that corruption is not taking place, and behind-door agreements are being reached by the people making the decisions. I can't believe that Gilford is considering a 10-year contract with MetroCast. That gives MetroCast the monopoly for the area and leaves the customer at their mercy. Maybe a three-year contract would be better to allow some competition to bid next time around. It's just a thought.

I was also wondering why MetroCast calls our house to provide an appointment confirmation for LRGH? Does the hospital actually pay MetroCast for that service? All these costs are passed on to the little customers like you and me. I think that the public should be allowed to view the breakdown of line items of operating costs for MetroCast Cablevision so we can see the big picture. No pun intended.

Scott Kipreotis