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Obama must have skipped school when world history was taught

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To The Daily Sun,

Oh gosh, Obama is getting tough now. Yep, he told Putin there will be consequences for invading the Crimea. Anybody else thinks this is like Pee Wee Herman telling Leon Spinks to "back off"? Come on.

Obama has zero credibility when it comes foreign affairs. He told Syria that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and there would be consequences. The line was crossed and what happened? Nothing, not a thing. The President of the Unites States couldn't convince any other country to join a coalition to do anything meaningful about the banned weapons. It was Putin who told Syria to hand them over. Other leaders know that when Putin says something he means it, unlike Obama who must by now be regarded as a joke by the rest of the world.
Can't wait for the Obama followers to vent their righteous indignation at my assessment of the president's performance. I can just hear them now: "disrespectful," "hateful," "racist," all the names and invectives they can think of but can they come up with even one reasoned argument to counter my opinion? This president has shown he has a complete disconnect with reality. He still thinks he can reason and negotiate with evil, that he can just charm them into being nice, peaceful, reasonable, law-abiding people.

Somewhere in his vast educational background he must have missed the classes on world history. You know, the ones where Nero, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the endless lists of tyrants visited hell on earth to humanity century after century. Of course Obama thinks it will be different this time, after all he's special. Strange, I just don't see him as special. I see another Jimmy Carter, another Chamberlain waving a scrap of paper declaring, "This time it will be different."
Anybody want to bet me a coffee and a doughnut that this won't turn out well?

Steve Earle