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Why is it that if you work for government you cannot be fired?

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To The Daily Sun,

Did I miss the memo that Congress and the Senate are just going to concentrate on getting re-elected regardless of what issues real Americans are facing?

I have become more and more aware of decisions being made purely for political reasons and not for the good of the American people. Weren't congressmen and senators elected to their positions in our government to work together and make decisions that benefit the American people and the United States of America?

The two biggest issues that come to mind at the moment are the Keystone pipeline and the Affordable Care Act. There is also the issue of select committees investigating issues and having absolutely no resolution after a year or two of investigation, i.e., Benghazi, the IRS issue, etc. Not one person has been held accountable.

Why is it that if you work for the government you cannot be fired, you don't have to tell the truth or you can plead the Fifth? Don't these people owe the American people answers? After all, we pay their wages, benefits, healthcare, fund their pensions which they get no matter what and provide expense accounts which they abuse. Aren't we entitled to something for all that? Are they so important they shouldn't suffer consequences for bad decisions like real Americans?

As I see it, Democrats are busy delaying issues with the ACA in order to enhance their political chances of re-election. Republicans are not rocking the boat, trying not to do anything that can be used to make them look like the bad guy. President Obama is saving the "political capital" of signing the Keystone pipeline until it will benefit the Democrats the most politically and getting a head start on destroying any potential Republican candidate facing Hillary.

In the Senate, why must we suffer a leader who uses his position to make slanderous statements without the threat of prosecution and who has refused for years to bring many legislative issues to a vote?

Is this the year of the Senator or Congressmen? Did I miss the memo? Where is the celebration and how much are the tickets? Oh, it's April first. Let me get my dress ready.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor