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Mr. Cryans places himself before the taxpayers & shouldn't be elected

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To The Daily Sun,

Joe Kenney is running for Executive Council for District 1, which covers 108 towns and cities. It is a huge responsibility and one that will get immediate attention from Joe's expertise and strong experience, as a selectman in Wakefield, a Senator and a Representative in the House, inclusive of 14 years of dedicated service to our Live Free State of New Hampshire.

I just never heard any real accomplishments from Michael Cryans in the news. All I hear is Ray Burton's name associated with Mr. Cryans. It seems to me Joe's opponent is not running for himself, but as an attachment to Mr. Burton's esteemed name and not his own resume.

I realize both candidates worked with Mr. Burton, but recently I discovered a personal act by Joe Kenney. Joe purchased a very warm hat for Ray and while Joe was in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty. He received a letter from Ray with a picture of Ray wearing the special gift given to him by Joe. This act of kindness while Joe was in a battle for our country is very telling about this warm relationship and comradeship between two devoted friends.

Commissioner Michael Cryans , a Grafton County Commissioner in District 1 for many years, refused to recuse himself from voting on a county appropriations line item to give Headrest Inc. $143,280, a company paying him a salary as executive director. He was asked not once, but twice to recuse himself. A fellow commissioner who worked very closely with Mr. Cryans for two years was Omer Ahern from Plymouth, and according to documents, Michael Cryans voted himself these taxpayer funds. He was asked twice by Mr. Ahern to recuse himself and each year refused. In my opinion, Mr. Cryans places himself before the taxpayers and should not be elected to the Executive Council. Vote for Joe Kenney on March 11.

Everett & Nancy Duren
Center Harbor