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If elected, I'll represent all Alton residents to best of my abilties

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To The Daily Sun,

On March 11, Alton voters will choose new selectmen and selectwoman. I am asking Alton voters to make me one of your choices. If elected, I will represent all Alton citizens to the best of my abilities.

Alton can count on me to be unbiased and to serve our town with honesty and integrity. When a difficult decision needs to be made, be assured I will take the high road. I will strive protect the safety, health, rights and freedoms of Alton's children and voters of all ages.

If elected I will ferret out unnecessary spending and work to remove it from the budget. Should we beat our budget, I will endeavor to reduce it in the subsequent year. As large items surface I will participate as a team member of the Board of Selectmen and propose solutions to minimize unnecessary increases in our taxes and strive to find other forms of revenue.

I do not completely agree with some items in the current budget. A new roof on a new school should come out of the pocket of the contractor who put the roof on, not the citizens of Alton.

I will do my best to represent your interests and achieve the outcome the people of Alton deserve. You will not look back at a later time and question your decision to vote for me if you choose to do so. Your Goals are My Goals. I request your vote for selectman and thank you.

Lou LaCourse