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There are Gilmanton folks who need that $20 to get to work

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To The Daily Sun,

Again the GYRL is seeking Gilmanton taxpayer money to fund its "self-sufficient" non-profit organization. (Since nonprofits are tax exempt, do they pay any taxes to the town)?

Please remember that at its inception GYRL administrators did promise to be self-sufficient through fees, donations, and fund-raising. They also promised they would not seek taxpayer money to remain in operation. However, if it is not successful in obtaining tax collection money the GYRL is threatening to close its doors just hours after the town is to vote. (Sounds like a page from the federal government).

Where are the safeguards that our tax money will be properly and effectively utilized? What has the Town of Gilmanton done or what will the Town of Gilmanton do to ensure the $52,500 is properly spent? Has anyone connected to the Town of Gilmanton checked the books of the GYRL to ensure they have been prudent and not extravagant with their expenditures and payroll?

If the GYRL is successful in obtaining public funds to fill a 70 percent gap in its operating budget, will or can its employees be considered or be eligible to be town employees and be eligible for town employees salaries and benefits? New Hampshire law does allow a town to use tax collection money to fund a public library, but $52,500 could be better spent by the Town of Gilmanton for establishing programs and procedures for town property accountability, and funding much needed improvements for public safety.

GYRL administrators say the public funding will only result is a $20 increase on the average tax bill. It may be hard to believe, but there are Gilmanton residents who need this $20 for gas to get to work and oil to stay warm.

Bill Schmidlin

Gilmanton Iron Works