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I believe Joe Kenney has the unselfish desire to help others

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To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday we will vote for Executive Councilor, District 1, to fill the term of the late Ray Burton. I will vote for Joe Kenney, whom I believe has the experience and unselfish desire to help others which will enable him to be an outstanding councilor.

Joe, a 34-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His military career is indicative of a tried and true leader. Moreover, his 14 years as a New Hampshire State Senator and State Representative equip him with the necessary tools to hit the ground running if he is elected.

Joe plans to devote himself full-time to the position of councilor, which is truly an asset when one considers he will be representing the residents of 108 towns. Joe, a fiscal conservative, will provide the necessary oversight to ensure that we get the greatest bang for our buck, since one of the most important duties performed by the Executive Council is to review and approve all State contracts with a value greater than $10,000.

One of the other primary functions of the Executive Council is to oversee the State's 10-year highway plan, which is the blueprint for improving the state's transportation infrastructure. Joe recognizes the disastrous condition of our secondary roads in the Lakes Region and North Country and he will fight to ensure that we get our fair share of the funds to repair these roads while sticking to a budget.

Joe, a native New Hampshire son, is appreciative of New Hampshire's natural beauty and he will use his position as a bully pulpit to speak out against the ill-conceived wind projects and the Northern Pass.

Please consider voting for Joe Kenney on Tuesday.

Lee A. Moulder