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Joe Kenney is one politician who really cares about people

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To The Daily Sun,

When you hear Michael Cryans say how much he cares about people, question who he actually cares about, whether he is able to help, and whether his "caring" helps or hurts you.

Did Cryans care about Grafton County taxpayers when he approved the gratuitous spending of their hard-earned tax dollars? Did he show caring for the taxpayers or for himself when he voted to give many thousands of taxpayer dollars to his employer? (How much did Cryans personally benefit — salary, bonuses, perks, etc.? — from obtaining money for his employer?)

Even if Cryans really cares, his ability to help people is limited, because he doesn't know how to make the state government work for people. And, if Cryans learns these things, will his political philosophy enable him to help people? After all, doesn't President Obama want to help people? Yet his policies are killing middle-class jobs, increasing taxes, increasing our cost of living, destroying our health care system, locking more and more people into poverty, stealing our constitutional protections, etc. President Obama's policies have made the rich richer and middle-income Americans much poorer.

I am tired of hearing politicians who claim to care about people but whose actions don't match their words. If these politicians really cared, why are things so bad for most Americans? Either they don't really care or they don't know how to help people.

Joe Kenney doesn't have to talk about how he cares for others, people tell how he helped them (e.g., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6iwWZ4fPfw). From his years in the Legislature, Joe knows the key government players and how to get things done to help people. He has worked with these people to bring jobs to New Hampshire.

If you want an Executive Councilor who has demonstrated his caring by actually helping people, and someone who will make sure that we get the maximum value for our tax dollars, then join me and vote for Joe Kenney for Executive Councilor.

Don Ewing