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McCormack clearly understands problems that exist in our town

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To The Daily Sun,

In reply to Mr. Isleib's letter of March 7, criticizing Mr. McCormack's work for the state employees' union, I would offer this rejoinder.

Mr. McCormack was a field representative for the SEA for 26 years, and a Marine Corps officer before that. A field representative travels the state, and I mean the entire state, representing the interests of state employees and working with state management to seek common ground and proper resolutions to employee-management issues.

I have worked with Steve in the past, and can attest to his honesty, dedication and hard work. He listens to all people's opinions on issues, and does not make hasty decisions. He is uniquely qualified to address the current management issues that are so painfully apparent in this town. I listened to both Mr. McCormack and Mr. Barnes at the Candidates Night last evening. Mr. McCormack's remarks clearly showed that he understands the problems that exist in Gilmanton, and that he intends to work with all parties to address them in a much more collegial manner than the present board has done.

Mr. Barnes, a nice enough individual, while telling some interesting stories, gave no indication that he understands what the real problems that face Gilmanton are, much less how he might address them. That is how I judge candidates, not by making baseless statements about their past careers.

By the way, Mr. Isleib, you and I worked together on the Class VI roads special committee, in a very trusting and open relationship. I happen to be a union steward, and so you have in fact met and worked with a union person that you have trusted and been able to work well with. Please don't judge any book simply by its cover. Read the book and learn about the story behind it, then make your judgement. You and the town will be better for it.

Dick de Seve