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Maybe this is the time to consider your pocketbook when voting in Ashland on Tues.

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To The Daily Sun,

The voters of Ashland need to give serious thought to the monied articles they will be voting on this March. Our decisions will greatly affect or tax rate and ultimately our pocketbooks. It's really a matter of priorities. It's a determination of what is absolutely necessary and what is nice to have. At this point all the town monied articles would amount to $1.77 additional on the tax rate.

The Ashland school articles would amount to 45 cents additional on the tax rate. Both of these combined would amount to $2.22 on our tax rate. Remember we already have on of the highest tax rates in the state.

On a $100,000 assessment the effect of these articles would create an additional $222 on your annual tax bill. Maybe this is the time to consider your pocketbook when voting!

Richard E. Ogden