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Each patron who walks into Year-Round Library has different need

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To The Daily Sun,

Some people may believe that because of the Internet, tablets, and smart phones, libraries are becoming obsolete. It may surprise you to learn that nothing could be further from the truth! Like libraries across the country, the Gilmanton Year-Round Library is getting busier every year. Libraries serve the same function they always have — to ensure that everyone in the community has free access to the resources they need to live smart and fulfilling lives. In fact, what has really changed for libraries is that they have moved way beyond books. Libraries have become community living rooms, and that's certainly true for the Gilmanton Year-Round Library.

Each patron that walks in the door of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library has a different need, each of which the staff strives to meet. Some people come in for the next book written by their favorite author. Others come in to grab a DVD for family movie night. Little ones come in and receive the benefits of story time, and teens enjoy a safe place that respects them. Seniors come for an afternoon out with their friends.

From Internet service, job searching, computer assistance, public programming, after school activities — the GYRL offers a variety of services that allows everyone the same opportunities. In a small town like Gilmanton, we really serve the town in two ways — as a library and as a community center. Whether patrons stop by for a friendly chat with someone from across town, to view an art show, make a craft, receive help on their resume or do a genealogical study — community members have the right to a library that offers those services to them. Our highest goal is to create a space for all members of the community to use and enjoy.

Board of Directors

Gilmanton Year-Round Library