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My experience has taught me to look for practical solutions

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To The Daily Sun,

My name is Peter Fogg and I am running for one of two seats on the Tilton Board of Selectmen. I moved to Tilton in mid-1995, in the house I currently reside. In 1996 I became a member of the Sewer Commission and continue to serve as chairman 18 years later. For the past four years, I have also served on the Parks Commission currently as vice chair, and seven years as a member of the Tilton-Northfield Fire District Budget Committee.

In the past I have served as Cubmaster and Committee Chair of Cub Scout Pack 248 over an eight-year period, as umpire and umpire-in-chief for the Winnisquam Cal Ripken Baseball League for over five years and as coach, manager, umpire, secretary, and co-president of the Tilton-Northfield Little League for over 12 years. I am currently assisting the Friends of Winnisquam Football by maintaining the football field at the Route 132 field where there home games are played.

I am employed as a high school mathematics and AutoCAD drafting teacher at the Winnisquam Regional High School where I have taught for the past 13 years.

I am running for selectman for several reasons. I have been working on budgets for the Fire District for seven years now and about 18 years as a Sewer Commissioner. When spending money raised through either taxation or user fees my philosophy is to prudently spend what is necessary to keep the operations working properly without going overboard. I believe this is evidenced by raising the sewer user fees only twice in the past 18 years. Any new major sewer projects have always come with 50 percent or more grant money, in order to reduce the cost to the taxpayers.

I have worked with the town departments such as land use to create a procedure that assures all applicable boards and commissions would be notified before any new projects coming before the Planning Board for site plan review. This procedure assures boards like the Conservation Commission the ability to provide valuable input on wetland, drainage, and other potential impacts on the environment. Before this procedure was implemented, applicable boards and commissions often found out after the site plan approval was approved when it was too late to offer pertinent advice.

Another reason for running is to create better collaboration and cooperation between our boards, commissions, and departments. We have many experienced people in town, and we should better tap into their expertise. If possible, we should examine whether it is more cost-effective to complete work with our existing employees or look at the possibility of subcontracting this work.

I would like to open a dialogue with the surrounding communities to investigate whether or not sharing costs on services and/or equipment is beneficial to all parties. Sharing costs on items like a recycling truck or working with another community to contract picking up our recyclables might provide greater leverage in discussions with Bestway/Casella. Items like street sweepers, graders, excavators that are either purchased or leased for longer time periods between two or more communities may be cheaper than hiring outside contractors.

My experience has taught me to look for practical approaches to solve problems and to listen to both sides before making a decision. I ask for your vote on March 11.

Peter Fogg