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Check out Westchester County N.Y. Do you want that for Alton?

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To The Daily Sun,

The following letter is in response to a letter by Lou LaCourse which was published on March 5:

 In your letter to The Daily Sun, you asked how we are going to lose our property rights and stated that no one ever tells us how that will happen. There were two meetings held in Alton this past September to discuss workforce housing. One was held by your town planner supporting workforce housing and the other by those in opposition. The opposition spelled out in detail how the private property rights of Alton taxpayers would be affected. It is imperative for Alton residents to attend such meetings in order to be informed as to the positions of both sides of an issue. Apparently, you were unable to attend those meetings.

Mr. Wittmann and those who agree with him are not supporting removal of private property rights, but are in support of maintaining local control of those rights. The workforce housing supported by your town planner authorizes the federal and state governments to usurp the rights of the taxpayers of Alton in deciding how private property owners can use and develop their land. They accepted funding from the state which was provided by the federal government and such money doesn't come to the State without some cost.

I suggest that you research the federal property development plan which they are attempting to impose on the State called the Granite State Future sustainable communities program. You can go to granitestatefutures.org. for detailed information. On page 15 of the HUD document (HUD-1044) which is part of this program, they discuss "Strategy to Address Barriers..... "to the successful implementation of their plan. They state that in New Hampshire "Anticipated barriers include NH's strong tradition of individual property rights and resultant resistance to planning and zoning."

Workforce housing is just another federal and state government overreach.

Some will tell you that the federal government's role is merely that of an adviser even though millions of fed dollars are provided. Under a similar plan, Westchester County, N.Y., agreed to build 700-plus units of affordable housing. During that program the feds came back to them and told them that they had to build in excess of 10,000 units. Westchester is now embroiled in litigation with the feds. This is costing millions of dollars in legal fees and the additional building that they are being asked to do will cost tens of millions without any fed money.

Do you want that for Alton?

Vince Merola