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Since when did selectboard get to pick its own new members?

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To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to thank Rosemary Landry for her March 5 letter in your paper. I have read this letter over and over and over again, just trying to wrap my head around the information she provided. You see, I have always been a die-hard member of the "Herb Vadney Fan Club," and now I find my bubble has been burst. I am sorely disappointed in his conduct regarding his choice to not seek another term as a Meredith selectman.

The way I interpret Rosemary's letter, Mr. Vadney deliberately delayed publicly announcing his intention to not run for the open seat until the day of the filing deadline. In my simple way of thinking, this was an effort to deter possible candidates from filing because, according to Mr. Vadney, the other members of the board "wanted" Hillary Seegar. Well excuse me, but, since when did the Meredith Selectboard decide who would sit in its seats? Isn't it still an elected position? When did it become an elite club that the members decided who was "in"?

Like Rosemary, maybe I would have liked to run ... I have before ... and, surprisingly, I did quite well considering I was running against Nate Torr who is probably the most-loved man in town.

In my simple, backwoods, redneck way of thinking, Mr. Vadney's actions were an effort to slant the election in Hillary Seegar's direction because that's the way the Meredith "Fab Five" wants it. Well, news flash to the Selectboard (as well as the town manager) ... we the people still decide who the next member of your elite club is going to be ... not you. Furthermore, if you are willing to go to these lengths to ensure a seat for one of your "sweethearts" then she is probably not the person we need on the board ... just sayin'.
I agree with Rosemary Landry when she says David Sticht is the man for the job. He is a constant face at budget meeting, Selectboard meetings, school board meetings, town meetings. He always has his facts and figures in a straight line and does his utmost to hold these officials accountable for every penny of our hard-earned tax dollars and every action the board makes on behalf of our community as a whole. I hope the voters of Meredith join Rosemary and me on March 11 as we write in David Sticht for Meredith selectman. Thank you Rosemary for your effort to look out for your community.

Holly Tetreault

Meredith Center