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Mike Cryans has shown to be a thoughtful, compassionate man

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To The Daily Sun,

As we are all no doubt aware, March 11 is town meeting day in New Hampshire. This year, in addition to the usual elections, warrants, and articles, another really important race will be on the ballot, the Executive Council seat in District 1.

This Special Election is needed to replace Ray Burton, who, sadly, passed away last year. While we don't often hear about the Executive Council in news reports and everyday conversation, it is a vitally important part of the executive branch of New Hampshire's government.

The Executive Council approves all nominations from the governor for judges, commissioners, notaries public, justices of the peace, and commissioners of deeds. It approves all State contracts with a value of $10,000 or more, and it hears requests for pardons. All these responsibilities are critically important to ensuring that the New Hampshire government runs smoothly.

That is why I am supporting Mike Cryans in the Special Election, and asking you to do the same. Like Ray Burton, Mike began his career as a teacher, so he knows the challenges that educators face. His current career working for a non-profit that helps people recover from substance abuse issues proves that he is always looking to help those less fortunate. He knows the importance of the constituent services that executive councilors provide and is passionate about providing those services to the North Country.

Working side by side with Ray as Grafton County Commissioner, Mike has shown that he is a thoughtful, compassionate man, fighting hard for working class families. It is no wonder that the Burton family has endorsed Mike Cryans for the Executive Council seat in District 1 as the candidate who will carry on Ray's legacy.

Over the last 35 years, the District 1 has come to expect a councilor who puts constituents first, and party affiliation last. I believe that Mike will continue that tradition, and that is why I am asking you to join me in voting for Mike Cryans on March 11.

Anne Rogers